20 December 2012

Elements sales suspended
Starting from January 01, 2013 Crystal Ltd. suspends sales of thermoelectric elements as a separate product. From now on we will be using thermoelectric elements only for manufacturing of our own products (thermoelectric modules and thermoelectric assemblies).
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28 September 2012

New catalogue-2012
We are happy to present a new Catalogue-2012. You can download it here.
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27 September 2012

Technology development
We developed the technology of manufacturing of thermoelectric assemblies and now A2A-125-48-54 produces 150W of cooling power. 150W of cooling power at the price of 125W.
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23 September 2012

SIMO Network 2012
We are planning to participate V Spain-Russia ICT forum and International professional ICT expo SIMO Network 2012 in Madrid, Spain (23-28 of September).
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Crystal Ltd. is a thermoelectric company with many years experience in research and development of thermoelectric products including thermoelectric materials and modules. Crystal Ltd. is a leading company in Crystal group of companies. Our company generally recognized as an expert in manufacturing of Bi2Te3 thermoelectric elements and high quality thermoelectric modules. 

We have a complete production cycle: from scientific and engineering development of perspective products to their mass production. We supply various types of thermoelectric modules and elements for many special, industrial, automotive and consumer applications. We put all our efforts to further development into world-known company providing the widest range of the first-class products. Working with Crystal Ltd. you can be sure your application will be based on the best thermoelectric material available at reasonable price.

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