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Crystal was founded in 1998 in Russia. Today Company is manufacturer of Thermoelectric Modules (TEMs) and Thermoelectric Assemblies.

Our products are based on Bismuth Telluride thermoelectric materials made by using own unique Bridgman growing method and hot pressing of nano and submicron powders.

Crystal Ltd. has a well-earned reputation of reliable supplier of Thermoelectric Coolers. We supply our products to more than 25 countries.

Crystal Ltd. has a complete production cycle in Russia. Competence of our team starts from the development of thermoelectric materials in the R & D department and continues in the series production of Thermoelectric Modules (TEMs) and Thermoelectric Assemblies.

Innovative Company offers over 200 types of thermoelectric devices in the High Technology Market.

- Standard Thermoelectric Modules

- Micro Thermoelectric Modules

- Multistage Thermoelectric Modules

- Thermoelectric Modules with hole

- High temperature Thermoelectric modules

- Power generation modules

- Thermoelectric Cooling Assemblies of Air-to-Air type

- Thermoelectric Cooling Assemblies of Air-to-Plate type

- Thermoelectric Cooling Assemblies of Air-to-Liquid type

The advantage of partnership with our company is research-and-development and engineering support for complex solutions in the field of thermoelectric cooling and development of Thermal Control Systems on the basis of thermoelectric modules (TEMs).  

- Research and development of thermoelectric products including thermoelectric materials, thermoelectric modules and thermoelectric assemblies

- Thermal design

- Thermal modeling

- Prototyping

Thermoelectric devices of Crystal became popular because of their high coefficient of performance, high durability and attractive price. Thereby we offer optimal solutions of Thermoelectric cooling and heating devices with the best price/performance ratio.

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